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online ordering system manufacturing pt1

An effective online ordering system has the potential to revolutionise the way you run your cut-to-size manufacturing business. This system will process the receiving, tracking, and fulfilling of an order. Managing the life cycle of an order requires time and resources. In this article we’ll look at the main reasons why your cut-to-size manufacturing business will benefit from utilising an online ordering system.

Staff shortage and automation article

Cut-to-size manufacturers face a range of challenges in the post-COVID environment. The effect of staff shortages is being felt industry-wide and there is no quick-fix resolution. One solution is for cut-to-size manufacturers to onboard online quoting and ordering systems to relieve some pressure.

developing clear marketing goals

Before beginning any marketing activity, you need goals to ensure you’re maximizing your effectiveness. But don’t just set goals, set  SMART goals that will align with your manufacturing marketing plan.

marketing campaigns - speaking from experience

Effective marketing doesn’t stop after you’ve created your first piece of content or after you’ve redesigned your website. If you want leads and your customers to stay loyal, you need to be proactive about your marketing continuously. 

concers and challenges in the joinery industry

As with all industries, concerns and challenges are always present, but proper planning is key to navigating the ever-changing landscape. 

joinery industry moving forward

Automation and Residential building/fit-outs were both tied at 38.10% and seen as the equally largest growth areas predicted for the future, with Do-It-Yourself coming in at 34.60%. These results and predictions were echoed by both business owners and employees, who generally shared the same view that these segments are likely the main areas for growth moving forward.