Branding and customisation

Make your online ordering portal your own

The Cabinetry.Online system allows you to make your online portal your own. Your customers will from your a customised login page on your website which seamlessly flows to your online portal. You can customize and rebrand your portal with your logo and company colours.

By using your branding and colours, you increase your customer’s user experience, make your business recognisable and stand out from the crowd.

Portal branding and customisation

Benefits of using your own branding

Branding and customisation to stay ahead of your competitors

branding and customisation find more oportunites

Branding is something many of your customers may expect. By having a branded quoting and ordering portal potential customers may instantly perceive you as more professional and technologically advanced than a competitor that doesn’t. Put yourself in their shoes, would you rather work with a manufacturer with a professional and easy to use ordering system or one that doesn’t? Which company would you initially have more faith in?

Having a branded portal helps you show your customers that you are an established and credible business.   

branding to increase revenue

Increased revenue

Numerous studies have shown that effectively branding your business is directly correlated to increased profits.

Branding helps develop your business’ identity and builds credibility and trust. By branding your online ordering system you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

It’s like having an in-house developer, for a fraction of the cost

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If you’ve ever considered developing your own online system for receiving orders, you’ve probably realised the significant investment of time and money required to do so – all without a guarantee that it’s going to work and customers will be able to use it.

The team at Cabinetry.Online are specialists in software development, and constantly developing the system which means they can provide expertise and effective solutions.

By using the Cabinetry.Online platform and customising it to suit your requirements, you are guaranteed to be getting access to a working online ordering system with constant development and implementation of cutting-edge online infrastructure, backed by our team of in-house developers and support team.

You will have complete control over branding, product offerings and more. With the admin dashboard you have complete control over the interactions your customers have with your platform and can take pride in presenting accessible and high-tech solutions to your clients.

Best of all, you avoid significant upfront cost , software maintenance headaches and the considerable development time required.