Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s about starting with Cabinetry.Online

Which Cabinetry.Online package is right for me?

If you are interested in onboarding with Cabinetry.Online and not sure which package would suit you, feel free to chat to one of our knowledgeable consultants. You can click here to book a demonstration or contact us and they will explain the different packages available and answer all your technical questions.

Is Cabinetry.Online a franchise?

No, Cabinetry.Online is not a franchise. Cabinetry.Online is a software application that connects you, a cut-to-size manufacturer, to your customers. Your Cabinetry.Online portal is branded with your logo and colours, and through it, your customers can create quotes and place orders with you.

What are the computer requirements for the Cabinetry.Online system?

Cabinetry.Online is browser-based software meaning that you don’t need to have an elaborate computer system to run it. We recommend using Chrome or Edge as your browser and preferably the latest edition of these. 

How long does it take to sign up?

Once you have decided which package best suits, we begin the onboarding process. There isn’t an exact time frame, but it usually takes 2-4 weeks. The process includes signing an agreement, a walk-through and explanation of how the software works and setting up your portal. 

How often are there updates to Cabinetry.Online?

Our development and testing teams are constantly developing new features for Cabinetry.Online. Updates are regularly released and can be viewed here.

FAQ’s about the admin portal 

What options do I have when setting the pricing on my portal?

You are in complete charge of your pricing. You set your pricing and can set different pricing for different customers. You can also apply discounts and set the payment terms for your jobs.

How do I customise my portal?

We walk you through the process of customising your portal as part of your onboarding process. It is a very user-friendly system, which is easy to maintain and manage.

How do my customers access my online portal?

Your login page can be integrated into your website. Here they will enter their username and password and login to your portal.

What control do I have over my Cabinetry.Online portal?

In the admin dashboard, you have an overview of all the orders and quotes, accept jobs , set the pricing, delivery options, assembly options, materials to be used, hardware available and the sundries store and more.

You can set different pricing for different customers, apply discounts and set the payment terms for your jobs. You decide whether you want to offer a delivery service, or you want your customer to collect the order from your factory. You also get to choose if you want to supply the order as a flatpack or assembled.

You decide which materials your customers get to choose from and hardware options available. The sundries store is where you can add any extra items you would like to offer your customers, machinery you have for sale, or extra services.

FAQ’s about marketing assistance

How does the marketing assistance work?

We want to see your business prosper. That’s why our marketing team will discuss with you, your current marketing activities and provide you with insights and suggestions on how to grow your customer base. 

You can choose between different levels of assistance from our marketing team. Read more about this.

How do I get more customers?

The different Cabinetry.Online packages come with varying degrees of marketing assistance, but all packages come with a 1 hour consultation with our marketing team. They have some “best practise” suggestions and are happy to share them,  because we want to see your business grow!

What support do you get with Cabinetry.Online?

Upon installation, you will receive extensive training on all aspects of the Cabinetry.Online system. Our support team is available during office hours. If you experience an issue, you can  log a ticket and our support team will respond at its earliest opportunity.

We have a selection of videos, which walk you through the customer’s ordering process.  Click here to see them.