Admin dashboard

Your Cabinetry.Online admin dashboard allows you to identify your most valuable clients, observe trends, and monitor sales performance. 

Your admin dashboard gives you an overview of all your quotes and orders in your Cabinetry.Online portal. It can be used as an analytical tool to identify quoting and ordering trends. By analysing this information you can develop a greater understanding of your customers needs and potential opportunities in the market. The admin dashboard allows you to see how many quotes convert into orders and the total value as well as the average value of your quotes.

Other analytical functions include calculating the most ordered products, materials and hardware; proportion of jobs requiring assembly, delivery and supplied hardware; and a range of averages across jobs including number of products and rooms. This information will help you better understand your customers and assist in production planning.

admin dashboard - view all projects

View all projects

The admin dashboard gives you an overview of all projects being worked on across the system.

admin dashboard - total value of jobs

Total value of jobs

See the total value of jobs created and submitted through your portal.

admin dashboard - average cost of orders

Average cost of orders

Quickly and easily see the average cost of your submitted orders.

admin dashboard - most ordered products

Most ordered products

See which are your most ordered products, materials and hardware in the system.

admin dashboard - time from quote to order

Time from quote to order

See the average time it take your customers to progress from creating a quote to placing an order.

admin dashboard - see averages across orders

See averages across jobs

In the admin dashboard you can see the average number of rooms and products across completed jobs.

admin dashboard - compare quotes and orders

Compare quotes and orders

See the percentage of orders compared to quotes.

admin dashboard - grouping of jobs

Grouping of jobs

See the proportion of jobs requiring supply of hardware, delivery or assembly.

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