Cabinetry.Online Features Explained

Features available with all packages

The Cabinetry.Online features that are available in all packages includes: custom pricing, instant pricing, custom branding, 2D layout designer and job PDF and CSV files. You set your prices which update instantly. You can customise your portal with your logo and colours as well as having a login page on your website. The 2D layout designer allows your customers to make visual plans of their cabinetry which assists them with the quoting process. Once your customer has created their quote, they will need to approve the job order PDF which lists all the items being quoted. The job CSV file can then be sent to your CNC software to begin the manufacturing process.

Additional features

Additional features include the benchtop designer, sundries store and custom door profile setup feature. The benchtop designer is a sophisticated benchtop design tool allowing your customer to have extensively more benchtop design options. The sundries store  allows you to sell just about anything. You can list hardware, appliances, additional services, old machines, tools and anything else you may want to sell. The custom door profiles setup feature allows your customers to select from a range of custom routed door profiles such as shaker and v-groove. Advanced (detailed) job costing breakdown on all orders. Job pricing is further broken down on customer orders down to the material cost, edging and hardware cost on each individual component used on a product.

Marketing Assistance Explained

All Cabinetry.Online packages include an one hour marketing session with our in-house marketing team. During this time, we will discuss your current marketing activities and look at your website, social media presence, printed and digital collateral and advertising. You will get individualised advice and suggestions based on your specific marketing situation and needs.

Other marketing assistance available includes: a custom branded flyer, a custom branded catalogue, a social media advertising campaign (Facebook and/or Instagram) targeted to your local area and custom branded “ordering walk-through” videos to use on your website or Youtube.

CNC Software Features Explained

Cabinetry.Online has the ability to process orders through it’s dedicated CNC manufacturing software. This software generates the CNC machining code in the format required by your machine (e.g. G Code or equivalent). It also has the ability to generate the CNC machining codes for jobs that are outside the Cabinetry.Online system. The software is able to output to multiple machines.

Another feature is the standalone label printing terminal. This standalone module is installed on a computer (usually on the factory floor near the CNC machine) which facilitates the printing of all labels for the sheet being cut, individual part labels, or to re-print specific part labels.

CAD editing is another feature of the Cabinetry.Online CNC software. With this feature, you will be able to edit parts using  BricsCAD (a licence for the software is included in the Portal + Advanced CNC and the Portal + the Works packages). This software also facilitates dynamic handling of DXF files.

The TrueShape nesting feature optimises board usage and radically reduces waste. The door profile machining module includes the programming of custom routed door profiles, such as shaker and v-groove in the CNC manufacturing software.