Introducing MerivoBox

MerivoBox: Why we’re excited about it 

MerivoBox demonstration at Cabinets By Computer by Blum and Lincoln Sentry

The long awaited MerivoBox is finally here. Representatives from Blum and Lincoln Sentry gave a demonstration at Cabinets by Computer to local cabinet makers and cut-to-size manufacturers to introduce them to the new system.

The venue for the demonstration was the new office extension at Cabinets by Computer. Blum representatives set up a display of the new system and gave everyone the opportunity to inspect it. Ange Geroukos from Blum was available to answer any questions along with John Giuffre and Brett Pekin from Lincoln Sentry.

Ange from Blum, gave a presentation highlighting the features and benefits of the MerivoBox system. Justin Collins, from Cabinets by Computer, also gave a presentation covering the new features on the Cabinetry.Online platform.

Ange explained how Blum based the MerivoBox on a platform system. This makes it more versatile and interchangeable than other Blum drawer systems. There are 576 different combinations that can be achieved with this drawer system.  

Simplified drill holes

To achieve this versatility, Blum simplified the drill holes. We can illustrate this by comparing the front drawer component from the LegraBox system to that of the MerivoBox system.

These systems share three sizes – N,M and K. If you look at the LegraBox, the drill holes vary greatly between the different sizes. If you look at MerivoBox sizes however, K,M and N are exactly the same. The only difference that E has, is an extra pair of drill holes above. 

drilling holes of MerivoBox and LegraBox
MerivoBox on the Cabinetry.Online portal.

Available on Cabinetry.Online

Justin announced that Cabinetry.Online has loaded all the MerivoBox items onto their platform. The items are available for Cabinetry.Online manufacturers to offer to their clients. They are currently set as hidden in the manufacturers portal.

We are excited about this new system and look forward to seeing what our customers have to say about using it. 

Click here to download the Blum MerivoBox brochure and the Merivobox product and performance overview.