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“It’s like hiring another person!”

Tassie Cabinets team

“That’s how I’d sell it to potential Cabinetry.Online customers,” says Kevin Jacobs, owner of Tassie Cabinets “I’d say it’s just like hiring another person but you’re not paying their wages. I reckon it’s an excellent system.”

In 2014 Kevin took the big step and moved from being a sole proprietor making kitchen cabinets (then KevJake Cabinets) to establishing Tassie Cabinets, which is now the leading cut-to-size manufacturer in Tasmania. Kevin’s success with Tassie Cabinets is not only a financial one, but has also overflowed into his community by way of employment opportunities and his support of up and coming sportsmen and local projects. 

Accelerating growth

Prior to Tassie Cabinets, whilst installing cabinets, Kevin realised there was potential to do more. “I just wanted to cut for other people,” explained Kevin “I thought there was a market.” So he moved from the shed at home into a factory. He took the leap and invested in a CNC machine and came on board with Cabinetry.Online. “I wanted to cut for other people and Cabinetry.Online gave me that opportunity. It is an easy ordering system and works like a treat.”

“It’s been an awesome experience. Awesome opportunity.” says Kevin on using Cabinetry.Online.” I walked into my shed 10 years ago by myself. Now I’ve got 16 people on my books.” A milestone for Tassie Cabinets was opening a display shop in central Launceston. “It’s pretty good for a little shop. People thought we were crazy having a shopfront in the city,” laughs Kevin, “cause there’s no parking or anything like that, but it’s worked out quite well.”

Not only has Tassie Cabinets’ premises and staff count grown, but their turnover has also experienced impressive growth. ”It’s grown substantially, Cabinetry.Online has really helped with that.” When asked to give an indication on their increase in turnover Kevin chuckles, “I don’t know if there is an accounting term for s*** loads. Since I’ve started it’s been exponential growth. Year on year.”

Streamlining processes

“Cabinetry.Online really helped with the online ordering. It made quoting and the whole process a lot quicker,” explains Kevin. “It’s fantastic. You can put fields where you want anything, like the drawers, whatever size you want, whatever hardare you want to use, it’s all there. It’s like hiring another person without hiring them.” When chatting about his customers’ experience with Cabinetry.Online, Kevin says “It’s a no brainer. They can draw something up, put it through my Cabinetry.Online portal. Made to measure. The data they input is what they get. It’s a great process.” 

 Tassie Cabinets use a number of the cabinetry software solutions from Cabinets By Computer. They use Cabinetry.Online for their online quoting and ordering, KD Max for designing and 3D renders and WoodCAM as their CAM software. “It’s not just Cabinetry.Online, KD Max and WoodCAM are fantastic. The speed that I can draw up a project and quote is really good “ remarks Kevin. “So that’s what has really helped me in my growth. I’ve often drawn up and quoted a house-lot of cabinetry in four hours. Previously it would have taken me a couple of days.”

Support and after-sales service

“Another reason why Cabinetry.Online is so good for us is because it’s local” explains Kevin on dealing with Cabinetry.Online. “You can call someone any time of the day and the help and assistance is there when you need it, it’s fantastic.”

“It’s been exceptional. The help and support we get from the team is great. The staff are well-trained and knowledgeable. If they can’t sort it out or answer the question, they’ll get whoever can onto it and learn something from it themselves.” says Kevin on the support he gets from the Cabinetry.Online team “They’ve got a good team and they all try to help you out as much as they can.”

Supporting Local

“Tasmanians love to support local” states Kevin “It’s vey community-based and a lot of community spirit. But if they can shop local and keep their jobs here, they will.” Kevin attributes his success partly to the strong community spirit of the Tasmanian people. At the same time, Kevin readily supports right back. One of his current beneficiaries is an up and coming local boxer who has just turned professional. “He only had his first fight a couple of months ago. He used to work for me as a delivery driver. He’s going to be great, watch him!”

Advice to those considering their next big step

“It’s an easy process. It’s a great process. More people should be on board” says Kevin on onboarding with Cabinetry.Online “I’d say go for it, it will certainly help increase your production and increase your sales. If you’ve got the right marketing, you’ll get the right customers and then you’ll go really well.”