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“It was a no-brainer!”

provence brothers staff

“It was a no-brainer,” says Retief from  Provence Brothers on deciding to use Cabinetry.Online, “we should have done it sooner.“

From small beginnings in 2014, Provence Brothers in WA have experienced exponential growth over the last few years. They started as cabinet makers with a 180m² factory. Today, they are one of the leading suppliers of flat packs in Western Australia and have quadrupled in size, upgrading to 900m² across two factories.

Onboarding with Cabinetry.Online

In 2019, Provence Brothers reached a tipping point. They realised that it was time to invest in software to streamline their business operations. At that point they were spending up to five hours on drafting, quoting, and creating order lists using CAD based software for each job. Then, they would also need to make the inevitable adjustments to the order, and invoice the client.

Through a recommendation of a hardware sales representative, Provence Brothers started investigating the Cabinetry.Online quoting and ordering system. One of the main features of this platform is the user-interface. It is, as Retief puts it, “user friendly, and customisable and easy to use.” Customers log into the dedicated, branded online ordering system directly from the Provence Brothers website. Provence Brothers were able to easily customise the portal to suit their look and feel. Here, customers can request and receive real time quotes, and place orders. The system produces a PDF list of the order for the client to peruse and approve before submitting.

Increasing productivity

The major way in which this system increases productivity is that the Provence Brothers don’t need to engage in the tedious and time-consuming process of creating quotes. The quotes are created automatically, in real time. Customers can make as many adjustments to the quote as they require and get the information they need instantly. Importantly though, Provence Brothers are in control of all the pricing. This is done via their manufacturer’s portal.

The platform also functions as a centralised hub for all the orders, allowing Provence Brothers to have a real-time overview of how many orders are in the pipeline, which have been dispatched and how many have been delivered. This can help to better manage production planning.

The platform not only increases productivity, but also minimises financial losses through errors in plans and orders. When creating their plan on the Cabinetry.Online user platform, the customers first set their room defaults and then create their plans using a drag and drop tool. A huge range of cabinetry options and sundries are available. These too are set by Provence Brothers. Using the customer-created plan, the platform creates an order list. This reduces user error as there is a seamless integration of the quoting and ordering functions. And, while the customer creates the plan, the software calculates all the required items to produce the cabinetry, further reducing the risk of user error.

The Cabinetry.Online system has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in propelling Provence Brothers to the next level. Provence Brothers and numerous other cut-to-size manufacturers have identified Cabinetry.Online as the key factor in the growth and development of their businesses.