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“Keep the CNC running full-time”

“We just thought we’d give it a go, just to keep the CNC running full-time,” says Adrian Hall of H+F Custom Flatpacks. “Look, it’s brilliant! Once you get the client on board, and they use the system, they don’t go back.”

Adrian started in the cabinetry industry with a joinery company which he owned for 22 years. Five years ago an opportunity arose for him to buy CNC equipment. That was when Adrian and his business partner, Callum Foat, started H+F Custom Joinery.

“We do mainly high-end jobs. We started using Cabinetry.Online because we’ve got a very good CNC machine, edge bander and stuff. We thought we’d give it a go just to keep the CNC running full time,” explains Adrian on why they onboarded with Cabinetry.Online. “We’ve been doing it for 3 ½ years now. We’ve already doubled the amount of business that we do through Cabinetry.Online.”

 It’s the ease it makes for the customer on the other end, for the cabinet makers,” says Adrian on what he believes are the best features of Cabinetry.Online. “It’s the pricing part. In other systems, the customer has to send their requirements through. It’s got to be drawn up and then sent back to them with a price, and it takes weeks. Whereas, with Cabinetry.Online, they can sit up until midnight, if they want, and they have a full price there and then. All the materials at their fingertips, all the hardware, everything. There’s also a sundries cart. So really, they do all the legwork.” Once the customer is happy with their quote, they must approve a PDF list. This is great because it adds an extra check to the process and further reduces human error.

“The customers are not relying on other people to do the quotes. Now we don’t waste time on quotes that we don’t get, you don’t waste any time if you don’t get the job. It’s huge. That’s probably the best thing. You know, you’re not having someone ring up every five minutes asking for a price. Now, they just do it on their own.”

The other software that H+F Custom Flatpacks uses in conjunction with Cabinetry.Online is CADCode and WoodCAM. “I’m really impressed with CADCode. It is very good for speed compared to other programs because it nests all material in one click of a button. Whereas normally you’ve got to nest every different colour material separately. So in that way, it is very, very quick.”

“The ease of use for us is what we really like. It’s really quick, from the time it comes in, to the time it goes to the CNC machine. Like yesterday, I did 6 or 7 jobs in probably an hour. One job was huge but the others were pretty straightforward.”

On the after-sales service and support that Adrian has received, he says, “It’s the quality of the staff they’ve got. They take care of every issue pretty much before it even arises. There are constant upgrades, they are always looking to get better. They’ve just integrated Xero into the system, so now all our invoices go straight to Xero. That’s been really good from our point of view because we used to have someone manually enter everything back into Xero. But now, as soon as I accept a job, it’s straight into Xero. It’s a great idea. It works brilliantly!”

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