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“100% increase in job quantities”

“Customers love the new format,” says Mike Caminer of Alsa Manufacturing. “The last two years have seen over a 100% increase in job quantities.”

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The major overhaul that Mike is referring to took place in 2021. The aim of this was to improve the user experience and ease of use for customers when using Cabinetry.Online to order from cut-to-size manufacturers.  

Prior to using Cabinetry.Online, Mike was using another online cabinetry ordering system. “It was a very frustrating experience because there was just no support. There were lots of bugs in their programme. And I couldn’t get any help from them.” 

When comparing his past experience with using Cabinetry.Online, Mike explains,“I’m an electrical engineer and so I understand programming and stuff like that, and I know there’s always bugs. But, if you can get some help, that’s the main thing. To sort the problem out or find a work around. Cabinetry.Online has been very good at that.”

When asked what he considers to be the best feature of Cabinetry.Online, Mike says, “It’s very nice to be able to set prices for different customers. You know, whether they are retail, trade or big users.” On what his customers most like about using the system, Mike says, “The fact that you get a price straight away. Some of them used systems where they had to send in the drawings and then wait up to a week to get the price back for the job. Here they get it immediately.” 

When asked what advice he’d give to someone considering onboarding with Cabinetry.Online, Mike states, “I’d say it’s a very good company which gives you a lot of support. And the programme does what you need to do. You need a good edging machine. You need a good CNC machine. And if you invest in the machinery, then the software is a no-brainer.”

If you are looking to increase your flatpack orders or have a CNC machine that could be used more, contact us for more information.

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