Doors & Panels Tool

The Fastest Way For Clients to Order

The no-nonsense Doors & Panels tool makes it easy for clients to quickly quote and order with custom dimensions, materials and quantities.

Resembling a cutting list style of ordering, the Doors and Panels Tool gives clients the ability to select a “Door”, “Drawer” or “Panel” product and quickly adjust quantity, height, width, and material choice to generate an instant quote.

Expanded customisation options allow the choice of which sides of the panel are edged, the door style, door hang, hinge style and whether it is a single, pair, L shape or straight bifold. Combine the familiarity of traditional ordering with modern simplicity & automation.

Cutting List Style of Ordering

Doors, Panels, or Drawer Faces

Custom Heights and Widths

Custom Materials & Colours

Quotes Generate Instantly

Expand Your Door Offering

Take advantage of the ever-popular shaker door and more, by adding them to your online portal, AND to your production capabilities. Cabinetry.Online’s “The Works” package provides a module to cut various door styles on your own machine.*

*Required tools for door production are not included and must be installed at the linked CNC machine. Contact for further clarification.