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As a high school student I knew I wanted to be a tradie!

I achieved well into the top percentages in all subjects, with teachers and mentors telling me I’d “waste my brain” if I didn’t go to uni and get a “proper job”. When a church community member mentioned they had a cabinetmaking apprenticeship on offer I jumped at the chance and started in September of 2017. From the get go I loved every aspect of it.

As a small family business I was able from very early on to perform all aspects of the process, from the occasional drawing and nesting, to machining, edging and assembling. But my main jobs were onsite installs with another qualified cabinetmaker, which was far and away my favourite part of the job! Demolition, site prep, cabinetry install, tiling and final touches were my bread and butter! So when I got a phone call whilst on a holiday in early 2019 saying that the business was close to bankrupt and they had to lay everyone off I was worried! I was told they’d keep me on for another 6 weeks as I was the cheapest to pay and we’d finish things off and see what happened.

Those 6 weeks turned into 6 months and eventually into completing the last 2 and half years of my apprenticeship. We’d stuck out the hard time, and work started coming back. I’d done the 16 hour days to get a job out the door and come back 6 hours later for the next day. Every cabinetmaker understands those days. But during all this I always knew I wanted to do my own thing. I appreciated the start that small company had given me, but when my apprenticeship finished, I let my boss know I wanted to go out on my own and start my own business. With some words of advice he reluctantly let me go 3 months after I became fully qualified. And for the last 3 years I’ve begun my own business, marketing, designing, ordering flat packs, hiring space in a workshop and installing cabinetry as I wanted to do from the start! And literally, as I’m sitting drinking my Joinery Juice #66, I am going through the process of purchasing a business that was started 32 years ago and has 5 franchisees across South Australia.

The last 3 years have been stressful and tiring, but well worth it at the end of the day. I am supporting my small family of 3 doing what I love. Cheers to the next 3 and many more years to come!

Steele Home Improvements

A while back, did a 7th floor apartment in Darling Point, Sydney. Fit out the entire apartment in joinery. All floating in 10mm steel surrounds. Veneer wall panels throughout. Made it on 9news and won house of the year (first time an apartment ever won). Had to crane everything in through the master bedroom window, and assemble on site.

Channel Joinery

Did this cracker of a kitchen in Melbourne for a builder, all started out on KD Max! Great finish result.

Kitchens & Joinery VIC

The best story would be when we were installing a vanity at customer’s house and Josh sat down on the toilet and cracked the plastic lid and was very nervous to tell the customer. Project all worked out in the end!


I dont have a story, I just like the taste of the beer.

Tmac Joinery

The Online Flatpacks journey began in Oct/November 2019. It started small and has overcome adversities such as Covid, Machine breakdowns, constant staff turnover to become a flourishing enterprise that Manufactures over 1 million dollars a year. With a new and improved, but also honest team we plan to outdo all expectations over the coming years with the support of Cabinets by Computer.

Corey Van Deur
Online Flatpacks

Ben is a powerhouse! Over the last couple of years after a bit of a re-brand and upgrade to our online presence, workspace and showroom, business is booming!!! Ben has never met a client he couldn’t make smile and witnessing the intelligence, dedication and tenacity of Ben is very inspiring as a fellow tradesman. Starting out 8 years back working out of the backyard shed was difficult. We were limited with space and machinery but somehow made it work. Fast forward 8 years and we are in a big workshop with a showroom and have just hit our record profit for this financial year (for a team of only 3 people I think this is pretty impressive). Ben will work from sunrise until he shuts his eyes to sleep. He often mentions how he will lay in bed, mapping out how to configure jobs for the following day. No customer is too far of a drive away and no job is too difficult for Ben. If Ben doesn’t deserve a slab of Joinery juice, I don’t know who does!

Ben Eivali
Eivali Cabinets

Nominated by Darius

A distressed pine unit. First time using Porter’s paints too. The units were made from Laminex Radiata Pine veneer and painted with Porter’s Chalk paint.

Hargreaves Joinery

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