3 Rules to Convert More Clients From Your website

There are many ways to make a good website and there are many ways to make a bad one. We’ve identified 3 tips that will help you provide the best experience for your visitors.

Show More, Say Less

“A picture speaks a thousand words” and when it comes to websites, it’s especially true. Cut down on lengthy paragraphs and prioritise quick, visually appealing ways of providing information (videos, lists, infographics).

We understand that you might want to explain your history, purpose, and vision. Yes, that’s great information and worth including on your site. However, if you want to tell a story, it may be better left on your “About Us” page, rather than your home page or landing page. If you have text on your home page that is as long as this paragraph, chances are visitors are not going to read it and it isn’t going to provide the best value.

Make Your First Moments Count

The average person spends just seconds on a website before deciding to head back to their search results or explore for more information. You MUST have an initial landing page that is informative, attractive, and quick to digest. This is why our previous point about brevity is so crucial. You need to quickly tell someone as much as possible about your business in as little words and space as possible.

Keep the important things “above the line”. This means that you want your most important taglines, buttons, and information visible immediately when someone lands on your page. Identify the most important info, and make sure someone isn’t scrolling to find it.

Our general suggestions include:

-Your logo

-A tagline, brief sentence, or very brief paragraph that captures what you do, states your target market, and why you’re their best solution.

-Key action buttons to direct visitors to where you would like them to go (registration page etc.)

-(if space) quick benefits or points about using your service

Provide a Clear Direction

What is the main outcome that you want from somebody on your website? Aside from a direct purchase if possible, you want some sort of commitment that leads them towards a purchase.

One of the best things about Cabinetry.Online is that it provides an obvious and measurable next step for someone that’s visiting your website. They can register for an account for your online portal. Not only does this provide them quick access to quote, create, and submit an order, but it also captures and shares their registration details with you, allowing you the ability to follow up, assist, and incentivise this new lead.

With that in mind, you want to make it easy for someone to reach that next step. Provide a prominent button in your main menu and another “above the line” that provides a clear pathway to that desired next step.

A common mistake is trying to offer too much. Instead of focusing on what someone MIGHT want to do, you need to keep focus on what YOU NEED them to do.

A Final Word

With many website building applications available, it’s become a lot easier to build a good looking website without the expertise. However, there’s many elements that you need to consider to create something that’s not just attractive, but effective. Hopefully, the 3 points above can assist you with reviewing or creating your website.