Smithwards Kitchen and Cabinetry on Cabinetry.Online

“It allows no time wasting in my business”

Tristan is the owner and operator of Smithwards Kitchens and Cabinetry. He recently took the time to tell us his story and how he connected with his manufacturer online to quote jobs from home and has since built his own successful Cabinet Making business.

How did you initially come across Cabinetry.Online?

“I originally worked for my boss, Steve, on the Gold Coast. His business shifted from being a cabinet making company; designing, building and installing kitchens to a cut to size company. He looked into Cabinetry.Online as an innovative way to run his cut to size business and reduce the workload in having to process cabinet makers’ plans one by one.”

Can you recall/explain what your initial reasons were for completing your first job online?

“As Steve commenced [his cut-to-size business] I got to see it from the back end and looked into what it was all about. I started playing as a user to quote and design kitchens in a quick and easy way at home after full time hours to build up my own business.”

What comments do you have regarding the ordering process and its ease- of-use?

“I know from my cabinet making background it was very easy to understand the different components. From my experience now having used it for approx 4 years it is a breeze. It takes all the thinking out of writing or designing a plan from scratch, it’s so easy to access the panels and cabinets I need, make adjustments, even do bulk colour changes to see price differences. I have never had any issue or difficulty in it’s user interface.”

What are the core benefits that you have found from your continued use of the ordering system?

“In point order

• It’s quick…super quick to do kitchen design and generate a cost for CTS [cut to size].

• It allows me to change designs without hand writing or long winded plans on another program.

• It allows no time wasting in my business. This is a major factor. I don’t have to write plans, Send off plans to a CTS company and wait for a quote, it takes user error out of the equation. If there is a mistake, I made it and not the company putting my design into another program before they cut it out. I know exactly what I’m ordering, is what I’m getting”

Tristan successfully identified how ordering online could help him efficiently quote and order his flatpack requirements, helping him to build the thriving business he runs today, and help send more work through to his manufacturer.