Flatpax Cut to Size

Flatpax Cut to Size on Cabinetry.Online

“This software has changed my life!”

Flatpax cut to size team

“I just love cutting white rectangles,” explains Steve Fitzgerald of Flatpax Cut To Size, when chatting about using Cabinetry.Online. “Basically you cut rectangles, it’s a lot easier and you can systemise everything to perfect it, and then you give it to the customer. They have the hard job, not us!”

Onboarding with Cabinetry.Online

Steve has been in the cabinetry industry for 26 years now. Six years ago, he started Flatpax Cut To Size and onboarded with Cabinetry.Online. “I started with just 300 square metres. I started from the beginning with no experience in anything flatpack, and no customers, not one customer!” explains Steve. “And since then, it’s just grown and grown and grown. We outgrew the first factory. And then we got a second factory and we’ve probably just recently outgrown that factory too. So it’s flying ahead, it’s going really well.”

“I’ve done something like 6000 jobs in five years,” says Steve. This is wildly impressive for a company starting with no customers. The success of Flatpax Cut To Size is a great example of when a well run business meets great software. When this happens, the software can streamline business processes, improve efficiency, provide valuable data insights, enhance customer experience, increase automation and scalability, and help give the company the competitive edge. 

Business growth

“Cabinetry.Online has allowed my business to keep growing and they have different packages to suit that. So as my business has gotten bigger, they’ve been able to help me,” says Steve on growing his business with Cabinetry.Online.

“So at the beginning, you just need the basic package, whereas, as your business grows and you get more diversified work, then you can get different packages. For example, you can get add-ons that allow your machinery to make patterns in the doors. I wanted to double check all of the board that we had cut and were sending out, and the software allowed me to put on a scanning package so that we could check everything. And then, as we grew further, I required additional items that allow me to put stock tracking on all of my hardware so that I can just run my business through Cabinetry.Online. As my business grows, there’s more and more things available for me to use which helps my growth, this has made a huge difference.”

Training and support

When asked about the training and support that he has received over the years from Cabinetry.Online, Steve says, “I would say that it’s almost as good as it gets. They have looked after me pretty faultlessly for the last six years. And they go out of their way to train you. They train you on how to use the software and if you have a problem or a question, they will try and answer it straight away. If it’s a bit more in depth, then it might take a day or so, but it’s quick. I get new add-ons often, and they continue to support me and they’ve never been difficult to deal with.”

“I’d go as far as to say that this software and company has changed my life,” says Steve. ‘It’s actually pretty simple, which is the strength of it. But at the same time, there’s nothing you can’t do on it. It’s just the perfect online system that turns your business into the perfect online platform.”